Bitcoin "subsists" despite the 3.5% difference in the price of BTC, against the background of a massive $ 2 trillion ETF market. Data in the study "The Future of money and Finance"was compiled by the Fund provider Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, and the findings may eventually help companies and institutional investors understand how important bitcoin is as a store of value.A new study has found that bitcoin "subsist" despite the 3.5% difference in the cost.Gold "grows 10% faster than bitcoin"The study, which was conducted by a research team from the analytical company Glassnode, showed that bitcoin "grows 10% faster than gold," which "grows at an annual rate of 60%." this may be an optimistic sign for the precious metal, which has been steadily rising since April.According to the researchers, the rapid increase in institutional demand may encourage investors to move their savings into BTC. They wrote: "After the recent record highs, it is clear that institutional investors are now focusing on bitcoin as a long-term alternative to gold."The study included investors who held between $ 100,000 and $ 1 million in bitcoin, as well as "more than 100,000 bitcoins in futures". The difference in the rate at which bitcoin is currently moving compared to gold is what gives investors hope for the future. BTC/USDThe study also showed that the rate of return on bitcoin has passed the critical level of 70%, and it is "just a matter of time" before this level is reached again, which means that investors are now "excited" about the prospect of higher prices. Glassnode added:"Now these lofty investment goals may encourage investors to move their wealth into BTC, as the study notes, which suggests that the next bull cycle may be even more impressive than the current one."For Tyler Winklevoss, one of the study's authors, bitcoin is more than just a payment network. He invested $ 15 million early on in BTC ETFs Circle Finance and LTC Fund, as well as another $ 15 million in Grayscale Bitcoin Trust. According to according to his bio LTC Fund Manager Ryan Radloff, Tyler's enthusiasm is also evidenced by the fact that by may 8, the Fund's assets increased by $ 1.56 billion, bringing its total assets to $ 362.3 million.We recommend you to read the article: "What if we superimpose today's bitcoin chart on the one I drew in 2018? How I predicted growth in 2021 three years ago"You can share your opinion in the comments section!